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who has also been Nashwauk's postmaster, a selectman, and a member of the board of the First National Bank.

Frank and John Lepistö, and John Turunen, were the first local bakers. Frank Lepistö later had a soda fountain and operated a sauna as well. William Kumpula also owned a sauna, 19131943. The first local shoemaker was Gust Nurkka. John Peter Raattama opened his own clothing store in 1909; he was also an important personality in many civic posts, including that of chairman of the board of selectmen and in charge of the local unit of the national Census in 1910. Another clothier was Jalmari Heino. A furniture store was opened in 1916 by Arvid Mattila, who also added a hardware department later; he, too, was active in civic affairs and in banking. Herman Stierna was a jeweler in Nashwauk for 26 years. Hemming Varonen was a building contractor; he also belonged to the board of selectmen for several years.


Nashwauk's Elanto Cooperative Store board, employees and members in
1950. In front: Arthur Kiiskinen, Frank Biltonen, Victor Aho, Emil Backlund,
Eli Tuomala, Miina Aho, Lempi Lampi, Aina Tuomala, Hilda Törmä, young
Perälä, Mr. Mäki. Front center: Bruce Laine. Back row: Arne Perälä, Walter
Niemi, Leonard Anderson, Armas Juhala, Syyne Alanko, Oiva Alanko, Kalle
Lahti, Donald Wirtanen, Lauri Laakso, Sanna Mäki, Fred Törmä.

The office of selectman has also been held by Mikko Hendrickson (also as chairman of the board) and Ray Johnston, Wäinö Kumpula, Arne Perälä, Eli Tuomala and Ade Wilson. Postmasters, in addition to those previously cited, have been Ernest Johnston and Minnie Taipale. Village treasurer has been Impi Puolakka; secretary, John Hyvärinen. Eino M. Kinnunen has been Itasca County Commissioner for the Nashwauk district. The post of municipal secretary has been filled by John Hyvärinen and William Sumi and, in 1953, by Ray Ross.

Indicative of the large Finnish population in Nashwauk even in recent years was the fact that 83 of its young men of Finnish


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