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St. Paul's Finnish representatives at the Festival of Nations in 1947: Selma Marjamaa, Elna Sistola, Joan Sistola, Jafet Marjamaa (appearing as Franklin's first Finnish settler, Peter Lahti), Vivian Rodenbaugh, Jennie Fischer, Mamie Jokinen, Ralph Sistola, Martha Kortesmaki, Eunice Mickelson and a visitor.

but that we are having a strike. The strike was begun to gain a wage of one and a half dollars a day. We are more than two hundred men, so no one dares to go to work even if he wants to, and I have no desire to. Here in America during big strikes men have often been killed for going to work. When the pickets look around and find someone working rather than joining the strikers, then it's no great ado to take his life, and no one tries to investigate the death. But it is not bad now, because all we

have to do is eat and sleep, and food costs 45c (or 3 Markkas and 45 Penniä) a day. If you remember the Vaasa railroad during slack times, this is even worse; no one works here when it is cold or hot, and not much in between, either. One has to eat oneself poor here, and they say that not even God will help one who has spent his all for food. We would like to leave, but we cannot draw the pay that we have earned. It will continue bad for


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