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of directors under the original ownership consisted of Emmi and M. P. Heikkinen, Kaisa Johnson, Charles O. Stenlund and Kalle F. Tuomi. The first caretakers of the property were Emil Johnson and Kalle Tuomi, who were succeeded by Victor Aro, who remained in charge for more than two decades.

Of the societies which the hall has housed, the temperance society had the shortest life and has left no trace of itself in any temperance league

records. The workers' society brought the pattern of Finnish hall activities to the building, leaving their subsequent development in the 1920s to the society which was an IWW supporter. Play productions were directed by John Korpi, who also painted the first stage sets with Fred Bäckman, while

Henry Isaacson worked on the curtain. A library was added, still intact in the building in the 1950s. The gymnastics group attracted almost all the Finnish youth to its projects. There was a band; there were enough voices for a chorus.

Gradually, however, political voices dictated a change in the organized life of the Finns in Zim. The 1924 incumbents of the hall became a communist majority and proclaimed their purpose to be "the maintenance of revolutionary agitation in the community and action in cooperation with all revolutionary organizations," and faced with this militancy, the IWW group effectively came to an end in 1925, although technically it did not cease to exist until 1928. Later still, communist ardor led to three local men - Oscar Aho, Bill Niemi and Erkki Tervo - emigrating to Russia, and even after World War II about 10 copies of the communist Työmies and Naisten Viiri came to subscribers in Zim.

The Zim Cooperative Association was established in 1926, with its membership in the Cooperative Central coming the following year. The original board of directors was made up exclusively of Finnish born men, but after World War II the


Women's choir in Zim: Paulina Joki, Mrs. Wm.
Mannila, Mrs. Hjalmar Aho, name unknown, Mrs.
Otto Heikura, Mrs. Emil Lammi, Hulda Salmi, Mrs.
Evert Heikkinen, Hanna Heikkinen, Selma Syrjänen,
Hulda Hendrickson.


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