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The Two Harbors Cooperative Company was established in 1917, but it did not join the Cooperative Central until 1930. In addition, there has also been the Trico Cooperative Oil Association, as a local fuel oils distributor, and a cooperative boarding house, existing as such until the World War II period.

There have been but few Finnish businessmen in Two Harbors, but Anna and Matti Tenkanen did have a grocery store plus a sauna. Before the Tenkanen sauna, Matti operated one, in addition to keeping a boarding house. The Tenkanen grocery was later purchased by Richard Aho, who sold it in turn to a nonFinnish buyer. Incidentally, Aho's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Aho, as well as Nick Nauha, were among the earliest Finnish residents of Two Harbors.

The number of Swedish speaking Finns here was relatively large, and in 1912 they established a temperance society, the Hemmets Blomman. It was begun with 23 members and failed to attract many more, so its existence was terminated within a few years.

The population of Two Harbors has remained fairly constant over the decades, at some 4,000 persons. Of these, about 170 were Finns in 1910; in 1950, according to the U. S. Census figures, there were about 125 first-generation Finns still living there.


Twelve miles north of Two Harbors is Clark, a farming community, where Finns first came to live in 1918 - Mr. and Mrs. John Koski, Mr. and Mrs. Emel Virta, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lampi - although one John Lehtola also owned land here but did not live here except seasonally. In 1919, the John Huhtala family came, and since that time numerous other Finnish families. However, their farming activities have been mostly on a parttime basis, with the men working on jobs in Two Harbors during the day.

Larsmont-Knife River-Little Marais

Two miles out of Two Harbors on the road to Duluth is Larsmont, a fishing port and the home of many Swedish speaking Finns. At one time, during World War I, there were enough of them to support a Baptist church of their own. Knife River, on the edge of the county, has been the home of a few Finns. Also, Little Marais, near the Cook County border, had enough Finns at one time to support its own small workers' society,


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