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by a stop in front of the First National Bank Building in Cloquet, where greetings were offered by Mayor Roy W. Ranum, Arne Heino and a delegation of Chippewa Indians. Then the party traveled to Eveleth and Virginia, where a luncheon was had in the Coates Hotel. Greetings were given there by Mr. Richard Silvola and Mayor Arthur Stock.

They then drove through the Sherman and Hull Rust mines. Hull Rust is the largest man-made pit or cave in the world.

At a ceremony at the Finnish Pioneer Monument in Hibbing, greetings were given by Dr. Kenneth Ahola and Mayor J. J. Taveggia. The final stop of the tour was in Floodwood, where the townspeople gathered to greet the party, with whom the President visited and had a luncheon. The caravan returned to the Duluth Hotel at 6:00 o'clock p.m.

President John F. Kennedy's invitation to President Kekkonen to visit the United States opened the way for the first visit of a President of Finland to visit the U.S.A. The President of Finland Urho Kekkonen and his party visited with President John F. Kennedy and toured Washington, D.C. President Kekkonen also visited our newest state, Hawaii, from where he returned home.

The Presidential visit brought these two countries still much closer together than ever before. The visit of President Kekkonen and his party to the United States will long live in the minds of our people !


Mr. Ahti Karjalainen


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