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Land Company and the Northern Minnesota Trading Company offered `fine black earth, rich loam land' for as little as $16 the acre. Keeping up its campaign in the Siirtokansan Kalenteri for 1918, the Aura Land Company claimed that the land, which was still selling for the same low price, would rise in value to $40-50 the acre within the year. However, at least among the Finns this advertising brought meager results, for in 1920 only three Finns were listed as living in all Mahnomen County, five in 1930, three again in 1940, and only one in 1950.

Clearwater County

Here there were 36 Finns in 1910, but only 3 in 1920, then 5 in 1930 and 1940, and in 1950 only 3 again.

Hubbard County

There were 38 Finns in the county in 1910, and 22 in 1920 as well as 1930, then 17 in 1940 and but 7 in 1950. There was a Finnish relief committee in Akeley during the war, with D. C. Miller as chairman.

Polk County

In 1900 the county listed 15 Finns, with the figure dropping to 7 in 1910, to 4 in 1920, to none at all in 1930. After 1940, however, there have been 5 Finns listed again. During the Finnish war there was a Finnish relief committee in East Grand Forks, with H. M. Mackenzie as chairman.

Red Lake County

In the town of Red Lake Falls there has been located the Red Lake State Bank, since 1933, already mentioned in connection with Norman County. The group of Finnish directors was later augmented by three local businessmen: George W. Christie, E. G. Robertson and F. Skala.

In the community of Oklee, there was established in 1934 the River Valley Co-op Association, which joined the Cooperative Central in 1936. In 1938, the gross receipts of the Oklee organization amounted to $26,000.

Finns have been fairly numerous in Plummer where the first Finns arrived in 1912: Johan Nurmi, Erick and Nick Eskeli, and Juso and Tuomas Määttä. In 1921 the Uusi Kotimaa suggested


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