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321 Swedes, 315 Austrians, and about 100 pupils of various other national origins.

The names of Hibbing Finns from the temperance and Kaleva groups who have served their fellow Finns in many national and cultural endeavors include Hilda Lauhala, as a speaker; Impi Salo, as an important figure in the Minnesota temperance movement; Elli Sandberg, as an actress; John Romppainen, as temperance society official and newspaper correspondent. A similar listing of figures from the workers' society would include Jenny Lundquist, Erika Saarenpää-Lehtinen, Alma Passoja, Olga Kuusela, Hilma Keränen, Alma Koski, Ellen Mäki, Edith Koivisto, Jalmar Hedman, dramatics director, Herman Kari, Heikki Lahti, William Mattson, Kalle Dahl, dramatics director. In music, the names of Dagmar Kuusisto and Esther Huovila appear. Women in the cooperative movement include Amanda Wuopio, for many years chairman of the Cooperative Club and member of the board of directors of the Consumers' Cooperative; Syyne Alanko, delegate at many meetings, editor of Illan Uutiset and cook at the Co-op Kiosk; Hilja Wiiliäinen, for many years member of the board of directors of the Consumers' Cooperative, business manager of the Kiosk; Edith Koivisto, member of the board of directors of the Consumers' and the Credit Union for many years, regional secretary for three years of the Mesaba Cooperative Clubs and guilds, Illan Uutiset editor, Co-op Radio Chorus director for eight years, one of the founders of the Co-op Kiosk and its business manager for four years, dramatics director, summer camp teacher.

It is obvious that in a community with such a large number of Finns as Hibbing possessed, many of them were to take part in the nation's wars. Indeed, eight Hibbing Finns died in World War I: Carl A. Aura, John Hario, Arvid Hyväri, Victor Kangas, Urpo Ranta, John Sallila, Mike J. Siermala and Arthur J. Vesa. In World War II the following lost their lives: Hugo Kauppi, Clifford Koski, Ollie Heikkilä, Eino Wiitala, Jack Malinen, Jalmer Ranta, Harry Paavola. In World War II, incidentally, 17 other Hibbing Finns were wounded, three were prisoners of war; seven women served in the women's auxiliaries, four more were nurses; and at least 210 other Finnish men served in the armed forces.

Mesaba Park: Property of the Mesaba Range Cooperative Park Association, Mesaba Park lies on the shore of a small lake, surrounded by pine forests. It is situated about 7 miles from Hibbing and approximately the same distance from Chisholm. It was started and built in the last years of the 1920s by local chapters of the workers' societies in the Range area, assisted and


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