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supported by groups of subscribers of the Työmies and by the cooperative associations. In the park, which comprises 120 acres, there was built a pavilion for dancing, shelters for summer camp functions and other necessary buildings. It was the site for joint summer festivals, the scene of dances and program evenings. When dissensions within the ranks brought an end to most of the Range area chapters in 1929, when the cooperative movement also repudiated the Työmies and began to follow an ideologically more liberal trend, there came a change in the management and ownership of Mesaba Park: it fell into the hands of the more radical factions, which have tried their best to continue to finance and maintain it.


In the communities which sprang up around Hibbing, Finns have been present, as in Kitzville, when the village was founded in 1912, and similarly in Mahoning village, in 1915, while in Carson Lake, according to Ilmonen, there was a `sizeable' group of Finns. However, only in Stevenson, at the edge of St. Louis


Fourth of July festival in Stevenson in 1908. A Finnish gymnastics group
is making a presentation.

County, have there been Finns with a communal life. Documents and interviews point to the brief existence there of a temperance society - Onni - with its own hall. Just when it existed is not


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